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Podiatrist in Hell’s Kitchen

Foot problems represent a unique challenge compared with many others both outside and inside your body. You depend on healthy, strong, pain-free feet so can get from place to place. Anything that hinders that creates an obstacle to your lifestyle, not to mention a great deal of potential unpleasantness when it comes to discomfort and pain. At Tower Podiatry, we treat a variety of common foot concerns, either with simple, non-invasive means, or with revolutionary surgery that allows you to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

From your toes to your ankles to your heels, our Hell’s Kitchen podiatrist is committed to letting you benefit from the expertise and experience that you can only get with a specialist. Bunions and hammertoes are two of the most common toe ailments. Flat feet are something you typically don’t have control over, and doesn’t always need treatment. When you do, however, our Hell’s Kitchen podiatrist may recommend shoe orthotics (inserts) as an easy, effective, and painless way to address the situation. Orthotics are custom-made for you, and they either shift your weight off the effected area, or give you much needed cushioning. Even heel spurs, protrusions on the underside of your foot caused by calcium deposits, often respond very well to orthotics. We also treat issues from ankle sprains to corns; from athlete’s foot to the effects of diabetes on your feet. And our specialty is minimal incision surgery, when required, to get you back up and on your feet in less time, with less pain and no scars. This type of procedure uses no pins, wires, screws, or implants. You’ll be walking immediately after (with support from crutches or another device), and you can return to work promptly.

For all your foot care needs, schedule an appointment to come in and see our Hell’s Kitchen podiatrist.

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