Foot Surgery in Hell's Kitchen

Foot Surgery in Hell’s Kitchen

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Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) in Hell’s Kitchen

As much as our foot doctor would prefer to treat all foot problems with simple, effective, non-invasive means, this is simply not possible. And when you do require foot surgery to correct the issue that you’re dealing with, it’s reassuring to know that here at Tower Podiatry, you can count on taking advantage of the very latest in technological advancements so that your experience is a comfortable one, and that you can be back on your feet, fully recovered at the earliest possible opportunity. One such way that we are pleased to do so is with minimally invasive surgery, or MIS.

What is meant by the term “minimally invasive?” It refers to procedures that are performed by making a very small incision, which is self-sealing, therefore requiring no stitches or very few afterward, and causing a bare minimum of trauma in the process of getting the desired results. So not only will you heal more quickly with our foot surgery in Hell’s Kitchen, which is always a positive thing, but there is far less of a chance that you will suffer any complications as a result of having our foot surgery in Hell’s Kitchen. The way it’s done is that the instruments used are tiny, so they can fit through the equally small incision. If this sounds like a brand new innovation, you may be surprised to learn that it was first developed almost 75 years ago. However, when it comes to the state-of-the-art, that doesn’t always mean that the treatments have just been invented, but rather that treatments already available have been refined to be more effective.

Schedule an appointment to come in for an examination and consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for our foot surgery in Hell’s Kitchen. With MIS, there is every reason to be confident about your results.

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