Central Park South custom orthotics

Central Park South Custom Orthotics

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When your foot is in pain, it’s a relief just to find out that you don’t need to take medication, get injections, or have invasive surgery to address it. And while sometimes other treatment methods might be required, we at Tower Podiatry can assure you that there are many opportunities for us to put our Central Park South custom orthotics to use on your behalf.

Generic one-size-fits-all orthotics are sold over-the-counter at most any drug store and also at many other retail locations. They’re good in a pinch, but they don’t give you the targeted attention that are possible when your orthotics are made specially to fit your foot and to treat the particular problem that you’re dealing with. Our Central Park South custom orthotics are associated with better outcomes and speedier recoveries. Among the most common ways that they serve your needs are in the management of bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, fallen arches, and flat feet. In some cases, the orthotics redistribute the way your weight is sitting on your foot, taking pressure off a joint or tendon. In other situation, the point is to provide cushioning to compensate for what your shoes are not giving you. The way that our Central Park South custom orthotics are made is that our podiatrist takes molds of your foot and they’re used to create the finished product. How long you need to wear them will depend on the condition you are using them for and the severity of it, among other factors. It’s possible that you’ll need other treatments in addition to them, such as special exercises or physical therapy.

When your feet need help, now you know who to come to. Reach out to our office and schedule an appointment with our office for a time that is convenient to you.

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