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Central Park South Bunion Treatment

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Bunions removal in Central Park South

Central Park South bunion treatment
Central Park South bunion treatment

Our Central Park South bunion treatment includes various options, including removal when necessary. Here at Tower Podiatry, you can depend on expert care and the most appropriate method based on your individual needs.

Bunions form on your big toe. They are protrusions that are bone-like, and appear at the point where the big toe joint attaches to the rest of your foot. Stress on the joint is the reason for it, and this can come about as the result of footwear that is tight around the toe area, or that pinch your foot. There are four stages of bunion progression, and our Central Park South bunion treatment will largely be based on severity. In the early stages, orthotics are typically sufficient. Either arch supports or bunion pads redistribute how your weight sits on your foot so that there is less pressure on the big toe joint. It is also strongly advised that you assess your current shoes to determine if you should get ones better suited to preventing future cases of bunions. For example, high heels are closely linked with needing our Central Park South bunion treatment. As the problem becomes worse, pain may increase along with swelling. Even putting on socks and shoes might be difficult, let alone walking. Bunion removal is an out outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. The goal is to restore proper alignment and function of the big toe. You should be able to walk right after surgery, although with the assistance of a protective shoe or boot. Normal footwear can be worn at around the ten day mark, once our podiatric surgeon gives you the okay.

For specialized bunion care, be sure to contact our office immediately and schedule an appointment to come in for an examination and treatment. Don’t let this foot problem sideline you.

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